Rencounter is a difficult, turn-based, RPG, roguelike game with a mysterious atmosphere.
The world of Rencounter is immersed in gloom. The game begins in a maze full of bloodthirsty enemies, valuable resources, and secrets.Help your squad survive while navigating through a network of tunnels and rooms. Distribute provisions and medicine to keep them alive.

In a world where every choice counts, you will be taken away on a path that will shape your destiny. Find your way to the end of the quest and discover the secrets at the end of your journey!

- Explore dungeons
- Fight enemies
- Scavenge equipment
- Loot valuable items
- Build Your character
- Manage inventory

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About Rencounter

Rencounter is a turn-based role-playing game with unusual time-based mechanics.

Now the gameplay consists of two parts:
- travels through dungeons and battles with opponents in a turn-based mode;
- the part where a player can take a cold survey of the situation, change equipment, buy all the things needed and sell what was taken from defeated enemies.

The world of Rencounter plunged into the gloomy atmosphere after the war, ended many centuries ago. Now the civilization is dead. Tribes and cults with the spears in their hands are fighting against each other for future prosperity in the background of ruined anthropogenic landscapes and constructions, the purpose of which nobody in the new world has an idea.

We are constantly developing the mechanics of the game, making it more sophisticated and interesting.
We are experimenting with music and graphics, inspired by the time-honored games of the past.
We are adding new content and developing the interface for a more comfortable game.
In the near future Rencounter is supposed to have a multiplayer mode, generated maps of dungeons, castles, bunkers, forests and other.
Moreover, we are working at the possibility of visual customization of the characters and their equipment in order to add a unique appearance to the team.

We truly believe that it can be a more attractive and profound turn-based game.

There are only two of us in our team: the programmer and the artist. We are both 25 years old and we have a permanent job, which actually prevents us from the further development of the game. We have been making the game since 2013.
We are strongly convinced that your attention and the purchase of the game would give us some support and an opportunity to return to the development of the game on a full-time basis.

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