Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator

As a medieval shopkeeper in a fantasy environment, keep your stores afloat against unique threats like royal laws, wars and crazy events. Discover new items, craft, sell them, and create your Merchant Empire in the kingdom! - All in a hybrid 2D-3D style.

About This Game

Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator is a medieval management, exploration and adventure game currently under development by Breakfast Studio.

Manage and expand your merchant empire in the kingdom! Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator is set in the Middle Ages, in which players must explore the borders of the world and properly manage their stores and objects to become the most important merchant in the kingdom.
In this adventure, the player will use his skill as a merchant to buy, bargain with customers, and deliver orders to different houses, altering the economy of the kingdom and its laws. Recipes can be marketed or become tools and decorative objects of greater value or to customize your homes and warehouses.