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Congratulations to 10 winners of Paradox Interactive Games Steam Keys

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6 Random Gamers who enter this giveaway:

Brian Dupertuis Warlock 2
Tomas Feliksas Sivčikas Europa Universalis IV
Alonso Sin Efe Campos Magicka: Wizard Wars Archemage pack
Kaan Çapacı Crusader Kings II
Melghnar Eivind War of the Roses
UlaÅŸ Baz Crusader Kings II

2 Random Gamers who shared one of official announcemnts posts

Daniel Buss Warlock 2
William Uftring Europa Universalis IV

2 Gamers with most Referrals:

Арманду Кито (534) Magicka: Wizard Wars Archemage pack
Ugur Rasim (179) War of the Roses