Winners Very special thanks to Masthead Studios Ltd for this giveaway!!!

Congratulations to 25 winners of Guns and Robots Veterans Pack Steam Keys

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15 Random Gamers who enter this giveaway:

Faton Hoti
Alpay Halil
Андреј К.
Tony Bladde
Даниел Иванов
Tiow Zi Jin
Andres Mauricio Quintero Torres
Semen Kruglov
Matheus Martins
Nevzorov Dmitriy
Wesker Meng
Anthony Alessandro
Bruno Brito
Ionascu Mihaela
Polchyn Yuri

5 Random Gamers who shared one of official announcemnts posts

Chaste Duncan
Asier Suarez
Aviel GoDamn Mishayev
Greg Atkinson
Alex Shannon

5 Gamers with most Referrals:

Денис Геннадьевич
Cristian Savu
Sergey Palekha
Arena Maniacos
Miguel Camacho Ayala