Grab The Games: Two Worlds II

Two worlds 2 is a completely open world action RPG from Reality pump. It was released on 3rd February 2011 for the three major platforms i.e PC, PS3 and Xbox360. On 20th September 2011, a DLC called Pirates of the Flying Fortress was released as well.

The game is set in a dark fantasy realm called Eastern Antaloor and takes place shortly after the events of the first game. The story is nothing exceptional. You play as Hero who is fighting to free his sister from the clutches of the Dark lord Gandohar. There is also a war on the horizon between Orcs and Men which would have made for a really interesting subplot, but it was barely touched upon by the Devs. It really is a sad to see such untapped potential go to waste.

The Bad: No choice of selecting a different specie or even female gender in SP, although the customizable options are much better than before. The character models and lip syncing especially is horrible sometimes. You couldn't take it seriously if your life depended on it. No horseback combat. Close combat is strange to say the least. The only word that comes to mind is wonky. As previously mentioned, the story is nothing special. But that doesn't mean it's bad, it just average. There are also weird camera angles occasionally in closed of spaces as well, like the extensive tunnel system. And I died more than a few times because I couldn't see where I was going and panicked and got myself cornered.

The Good: The massive world filled with a variety of monsters, from animals and zombies to giant spiders and creatures that look like the stuff of nightmares. The game looks pretty good in my opinion. Many people say otherwise but like any other game, it can look stunning in some places and quite bland in others. Has such a vast variety of landscapes, ranging from dense forests, swamps, green pastures and islands to underground tunnels and ruins teaming with enemies.

Now I believe every game has that “something” that sets it apart from other games, and for Two worlds 2, it's the magic system. It is one of the most unique systems I have ever come across. The combination possibilities are endless.

Unlike many other modern RPG's, you don't select a specific class at the start of the game, instead you invest in everything and anything you want, which makes the character extremely flexible. I made 2 different characters, one invested mostly in strength with magic on the side, and it was really one fun in close combat and much more difficult than the other one which was Accuracy and willpower, i.e a magical Archer! This one was the easiest one and does immense damage later on, which also makes the game somewhat easy.

There is a lot more content then I expected. SP is filled with a lot of side quests as well which are a lot of fun sometimes. The DLC is filled with even more quests, creatures and new areas and terrain to explore.

I loved the teleportation system. It is a dozen times better than the previous game. The UI in general although seems a little complicated at first, but once you get used to it, it is quite efficient.

The multiplayer is a plus as well. You don't normally see much in the MP aspect for games such as these.

As I understand it, you can do quests with up-to four other people, or alone, however you like it, but it's twice as fun with some friends. There are different modes as well in which you can go PvP.

There are many games that offer extra little things like traps and such as well, but not many opportunities to actually use them in real combat. But that isn't the case in TW2. Although it took me a while to use them the right way, but when I did, the sheer pleasure of watching a bunch on monsters running right into my traps and getting slaughtered was enough to send me laughing like a maniac. You can play any given mission however you want. Either go in guns blazing, snipe from a far, set up traps and bait the enemy out or all of the above at once!

Many modes of transportation including riding, sailing and teleporting, lots of mini-games to keep you busy for a good long while, variable attack moves for each build as well.

There are hundreds of different weapons and other loot, and the game can be played in so many ways that its replay value is immense. Mix that with completely open world, with a wide variety of areas and enemies, dozens and dozens of side and main quests not to mention the 13+ hour of content from the DLC, this is one game that is not to be missed.

This is one of the most underrated games of the previous generation and it deserves a lot more.

With elements like:

A Completely open world

Wide variety of monsters

Varied landscapes

Extremely flexible class system

Unique spell system

Dozens of weapons and armors

Large amounts of content

It deserves at least a 7.5/10. With a little better story and better utilization of some available elements, this could have been one of the best games out there.


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