Grab The Games: Transformers: War for Cybertron

Autobots, Decepticons, explosions, plenty of awesome one liners and not Shia Labeouf in sight.

Without the obnoxious and downright boring human fools to bring down this gem of a transformers game I can already tell you that it gets a massive plus point from me.

Starting out the game, and looking at it purely objectively, it's a third person shooter where you play as the Autobots and the Decepitcons in their horrific war for the planet of Cybertron.

I'll just say that games where you can play as both factions are damn amazing. It's always great seeing a game from another point of view, especially if there's no moral choice system. So playing through the game as an Autobot and then as a Decepticon definitely has it's plus points.

Naturally the Decepticons are more fun to play as. I don't know why that's the case but it seems the bad guys are always the more fun side to play when gaming. Perhaps it's seeing them justify their actions to themselves, maybe it's thinking about playing a Pokemon game where you play as Team Rocket for a change. Regardless Megatron kicks ass.

Starting the game out the story is very well presented. Any fan of the Transformers series will recognize the names and the places from any of the established media.

Luckily we're not on Earth for this, we're on the titular planet of Cybertron, and as the name suggests there's a bit of a war going on.

Autobots and Decepticons are slaughtering each other outright and each campaign takes a handful of each side around the planet to try and tip the war in their favour.

You can't make your own Transformer, which is a bit of a shame really. One thing I'd have liked to do was create an Autobot or Decepticon from a variety of parts and name them my own, but alas I could not.

So you're using a few named characters from the established media who run around with their selected weaponry and pulverise any opposing forces in your way.
Sounds simple enough, and it is.
Characters act how you'd expect them to act and overall the game plays and feels like you're really running around as a giant robot.
Each Transformer has a unique ability for use in combat and, like the name suggests, can transform into their selected vehicle. I always wondered why they were able to do that on their home planet but that's a question for another time.

Back to the game the whole thing feels like a well rounded third person shooter based off Transformers. It's not like movie tie in games which feel forced, this feels like a genuine appreciation for a series which has touched the hearts of so many.





Massive destruction

Great Looking


Two solid campaigns


A little short

Multiplayer isn't great

If you liked the movies, and only the movies, then you'll not get a lot of the issues being addressed in this game.


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