Grab The Games: This War of Mine

Today grabthegames and I are so excited that we have hands-on one of best indie games that you can possibly play now on Steam This War of Mine. This War Of Mine is an Indie survival, simulation, strategy game by 11 bit studios, the studio that brought you the amazing Anomaly series of games. I would like to state first that this game offers something different, something unique in a lot of ways.

Let's start by saying what this game is all about. In This War Of Mine you do not play as an elite soldier or a veteran like we have all get used to but you have the opportunity to control and play as a group of civilians trying to survive in a besieged city: struggling with lack of food, medicine and constant danger from snipers and hostile scavengers .And this is one of the aspects that makes this video game unique. You will view the war from the eyes of civilians trying to survive.

Another thing that I loved in this game and found it really are the sketchy graphics the graphics of the game are like they are drown by hand with a pencil which in my opinion creates a really unique atmosphere for the game and made me loved it even more. There are a lot of things I loved in this game. I loved the fact that the whole story-line is inspired by real-life events. I love to play games that have this aspect especially war games. Moreover, in this game you will have to manage your shelter. Which means, you will have to protect it from other scavengers, create tools, find food and improve your shelter as much as possible.

Another thing I liked in this game is the day and night cycle. During the day you can improve your shelter and look after the survivors/civilians but you can't go out since there are a lot snipers that will kill you easily. As far as the night cycle is concerned, you can do a lot of thing. You can set the survivors to sleep or guard the shelter from scavengers or even go to scavenge hunt yourself because in order to survive more days, you should be able to provide the survivors with food and also find a lot of useful materials to create new tools and weapons.

Another aspect that I loved in this game is that you can make decisions often unforgiving and emotionally difficult for example I had to scavenge a home with elderly people in order to survive but as soon as the player realize that this is war and you have to do everything possible to survive, the longer you will be able to live. An aspect that every gamer loves and it is present in this game is the randomized aspect. The game offers a randomized world every time and not only this, but every time you start a new game you get new survivors with different abilities each time.

A survivor can have several different abilities like be a fast runner or a quick scavenger etc., abilities are really useful during the game. Finally, I totally recommend the game to everyone because it offers an amazing experience, you can really spend a lot of hours in this game. This War Of Mine is the game that will make you think differently for what happens during a war.

Verdict: 9.5/10


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