Grab The Games: This War of Mine: Stories - Fading Embers (ep. 3)


Today I am thrilled to return once again to one of my favorite games and present you a DLC that I was really excited to get my hands on called Fading Embers. Of course, you know about it and the available season pass; but what is this DLC and this new installment, to the already fantastic game? Is it worth the hype? Should you pick it up ASAP or when on sale? Stick around, and you will find out now.


   Let’s start by mentioning a few things about the title itself. The latest This War of Mine story focuses on choices that can lead to multiple endings. These branches were necessary to help address the overarching question of what has the more significant value — things made by men that outlast life or the life of a man itself. When you think about it, humans stand against the destructive power of war not only to save themselves but also to save what entire generations have created.’ To begin with, as you would expect, you will find the sketchy graphics you already loved in the main. 


The graphics of the game are like they are drowned by hand with a pencil, which, in my opinion, creates a unique atmosphere for all kinds of players. The whole experience is enhanced by the new mechanics that are introduced. Your choices have a way greater impact this time since it can lead you a lot of different endings. The intro of the title is also, a huge positive since it is more interactive, and it quickly sets up a great atmosphere for the things to come. 

Just like the other DLCs, players will feel way more connected to the characters, and as the story progresses, gain more understanding about the situation they are in and what needs to be done. As far as the negative aspects are concerned, the only thing I could mention is the fact that it is only a few hours long, but this element is balanced by its low price and the fact that there are a lot of different endings depending on your choices and actions. The devs with Fading Embers introduce a non-linear approach to an already successful game and makes you wonder. What’s next?

To sum up, after playing the DLC for some time, I found amazing, captivating and worth playing. It’s full of surprises, and the devs went a significant step further with this DLC. It's definitely an emotional roller coaster. I can’t find a reason why not to buy it.

 Dionysis Spinos 


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