Grab The Games: The Escapists

It is time for another awesome review guys and girls off all ages! This time I picked an early access indie game called The Escapists. The Escapists is an indie 2D simulation game created by Mouldy Toof Studios and published by Team17 Digital Ltd. (You know the awesome guys that brought THE WORMS franchise yeah these guys are back with The Escapists game) So you will ask me.. What is the escapists Dionysis? Why we should play it? No worries guys. I have you covered ;)

First things first, The Escapists is a 2D simulation game that offers you the amazing opportunity to experience the life as it is inside a prison! You are of course, a prisoner and your only goal is to escape the prison but things aren't as easy as it seems and the game offers more than just an escape opportunity. It offers you the chance to live in depth the everyday life of a prisoner with all the anxiety and the rough times. I loved so many things in this game so I will start first by the 2D graphics.

I have missed sooo much a solid and good-looking 2D game so when I start playing the game I immediately fell in love with them. They are really good and it offers a great gameplay experience that everyone will love for sure! Another thing I loved in this game is the fact that you can customize the characters ALL the characters of the prison as you like and choose the inmate that you would like to be most! I always love when game devs give you such options in their games! Different characters=different experiences the more customizations the better! Another thing that made the game a really unique experience, at least for me, is the difficulty level. Even on the very easy map you will find really challenging to escape.

You have also to follow the daily prison routines. 1. Morning roll call. 2. Breakfast. 3. Morning free time. 4. Work. 5. Workout. 6. Showers. 7. Lunch. 8. Evening free time. 9. Evening roll call. 10. Lights out so that makes the game even more challenging. And what we can do to escape you ask? You should of course stick to your routine and not make the guards suspicious because then there is 0 possibility of escaping! While doing that, you can find the time to gather resources, make friends with other inmate, make tools (ohh yeah there is crafting in this game!!!), and defend yourself from guards and other prisoners that will try to kill you and still your money and goods. In order to increase the chances of escape you can do small jobs (like quests) for your inmates. As a result you will gather more money in order to buy weapons and other awesome stuff and also increase your popularity across the inmates that will maybe help you escape when you will think it will be the right time to try escaping.

Another thing that should be mentioned is that you should also look out for guards searching your cell for weapons or for holes in the group that you will have made in order to escape.

The Escapists is a really fun and addictive game, not easy at all, that will make you spend a lot of hours on it and there are a lot of awesome stuff coming for this game because don't forget the game is an Early Access title!

PS. The game has achievements and it is coming for XBOX One as well in 2015.

Verdict 8.5/10


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