Grab The Games: Oddworld: Soulstorm

Another day, another review for our fans, and this time, thanks to our friends at Oddworld Inhabitants, Inc. and Redner Pr. , we got our hands on a title I couldn't wait to play since it was announced. But is the game worth your attention, you may ask? Well, stick around, and you will find out. A few things about the game first. You play as Abe, a reluctant hero who inadvertently sparked an uprising and now must lead his fellow Mudokons in their fight for freedom against the Magog Cartel and the planet's ruling power.

Whether he is ready for it or not, the entire fate of the Mudokon species rests on Abe's actions. Accept his destiny and galvanize societal change, or fail and see his entire race eradicated. The choice is in your hands. To begin with, there are a few positive aspects to mention for the next installment of the franchise and one negative aspect for me. I loved the art style and how faithful it remained to the first game. The graphics are sharp and create a tremendous atmosphere for even the most demanding players. The levels are also really excellent, full of details, and in general, it manages to create a fantastic retro but fresh at the same time feeling. 

Another aspect worth mentioning is that even new players can get the hang of it pretty quickly and test their skill in such a challenging but fun game at the same time. The narrative is fantastic as well, full of twists and turns and the new elements added like the economy. You can pickpocket loot and scavenge. You can also craft and enhance your gameplay experience with tools and weapons. Really good aspects that can transform titles like this into more than a simple platformer game. 

As far as the negative aspects are concerned, as I mentioned before, there is one that I couldn't shake it off, and that is how easily your character can die after getting spotted by enemies. If I had to mention, one more negative aspect for me is that the opening chapter of the game is weak compared to the fantastic levels that come next. 

To sum up, Oddworld: Soulstorm is worth checking out. It's fun, enjoyable, and even challenging sometimes. Definitely, give it a go now that it is available, and even at full price, it's worth it. I can definitely see the love and the Heart that the developers put in this fantastic title.

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 Dionysis Spinos


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