Grab The Games: Legends of Aethereus

Legends of Aethereus review by Tom Wiltshire.

Legends of Aethereus is an Action Adventure RPG from indie developer Three Gates. You control a "legend" via mouse and keyboard in third-person perspective and begin at the home docks where you can trigger quests, talk to locals and build statues with materials you have collected.

At first I was excited to be able to play and review this game but after the first hour of game play I concluded that this game was a dud. The voice acting is terrible, the combat feels dodgy and uncoordinated, the missions are long and tedious, with no ability to pause or even save.. and the multiplayer.. well I wouldn't have a clue what that's like because I was unable to find a single server to play on.

It feels like this game could have been so much better. The attribute and crafting systems are unique but as with everything else in the game are executed poorly, and the level design is linear with no space for exploration. I tried my hardest to find an element of this game that makes it recommendable but at the end of the day I cannot recommend this game over other Action RPGs, especially at the steep price of $30 USD.

Unfortunately, even the graphics and sound are mediocre, and the plot is less immersive than an episode of Dr Phil.
I'm disappointed that the review had to go this way as most games have at least one thing going for them.. but Legends of Aethereus simply does not.

In depth character creation.
Unique Attribute and Crafting systems.

Everything else.


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