Grab The Games: Hardland

Hello guys, it's me Dionysis from with another review for all of you! This game I will review a recently released game called Hardland! Hardland is a really impressive open-world action adventure RPG created and developed by Mountain Sheep.

I would like to state first that even though the game is on early access and on pre-alpha version it is one of the most impressive open-world RPGs I have ever played! But first things first, Hardland is a strange land ruled by the peculiar Elder King.

You wake up in a town outside a home really hungry trying to figure out how you got there and how to survive in this open and strange world. One of the most impressive and really amazing aspects of the game that you are going to love are the graphics of the game.

I haven't seen such amazing graphics in a game before the game features a really colorful world full of details and surprises in every corner. It really makes you wonna play the game as much as possible and it feels really like you are inside a kid's movie. So the graphics are more than AAA. Another thing that you are going to love in this game even on this early stage are the huge variety and different characters you will meet in the game from Ghouls to Town guards, every creature you have ever imagine it is there and you can kill it of course!

As far as the killing and destructive part is concerned the most impressive thing in the game is that nearly ALL (yes ALL) objects are destructible including the terrain ohhh yes you can destroy the terrain: D. Other amazing features of the game that I loved really much and I think they will be developed even more in the near feature are the day-night cycle, the terrain generation that is really impressive it is like new things pop up everywhere you look and of course the recently added spells like the fire spell.

The game is truly a gem in my eyes and everyone loves the way this game is headed. I would definitely suggest to give this impressive title a try even at a so early stage you will not regret it! The Devs are really good and friendly and you can even see the whole development of the game in the main menu with stats so you will certainly know at which stage of development the game is. Last but not least, the most impressive fact is that the game has 100% of positive reviews and not a single negative review so far!




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