Grab The Games: Goal Tycoon

Tutorial how to start playing Goal Tycoon

1.Setup Your team.

a) Click on home button

b) Go to tactics

On this screen you can see all your players.

2. Choose your line up.

To pick perfect line up you need to know who are your best players and positions they can play on

Here you have explanation about players positions.

CF = Centre Forwards,

IF = Inside Forwards,

HO = Hole (inbetween CF/IF and OM),

OM = Offensive Midfielders,

CM = Central Midfielders,

DM = Defensive Midfielders,

RW / LW = Right and Left Wingers,

SRM / SLM = Right and Left Midfielders,

CB = Centre Backs,

SW = Sweepers,

FRB / FLB = Full Right and Left Backs,

WRB / WLB = Wing Right and Left Backs,

On image above you can see my team but most of them are on wrong positions, i tried 4-2-4 formation. My team Scoring Value = 42.72. higher it is bigger chance to win your team have.

On next image i will setup my team as good as i can. And change formation to 4-4-2 which suit my players better.

3. Set up ticket price.

The number of ticket paying supporters coming to the Stadium is determined by your club's popularity, and the popularity of the opposing club. Thus, for each home game, the presence of supporters will be calculated using the following formula:

(The Popularity of your Club + The Popularity of the opposing Club) / 2.

How many seats should have your stadium in Goal Tycoon?
More then you have now!

For now you should focus on learning how this game works and maximize your incomes.

Start changing your tickets price and keep eye on your popularity

4. Training

To train your players go to Training section and simply drag your players and coaches from bottom of the screen to the field in middle of screen.

Its very important to train right skill for player on specific position. Here is small cheat sheet:

Best skills to train by positions:

CF Shoots, pace or dribbling

IF = Shoots, pace or dribbling

HO = Shoots, long shoots or dribbling

OM = Long shoots or passing

CM = Passing

DM = Tackling or passing

RW / LW = Pace or dribbling

SRM / SLM = Pace or dribbling

CB = Centre Backs, Tackling

SW = Tackling

FRB / FLB = Tackling

WRB / WLB = Pace or Tackling.

GK = Goalkeeper

Additional Informations

Explanation of player skills

Tackling is the player's ability to dispossess;

Dribbling is the player's ability to maintain the control of the ball around his opponent;

Long shot is the player's ability to center the ball or pass it to his teammates at a long distance;

Head shot is the player's ability to hit the ball with his head;

Shot is the player's ability to shot the ball in order to score;

Passing is the player's ability to pass the ball to his teammates;

Speed is the player's ability to run on the field faster than his teammates;

Stamina is the player's capacity to put efforts for a relatively long time and with high intensity indices while maintaining constant optimum efficiency;

Defense is the player's ability to avert the actions of his opponents.

Tips how to start

If you not planning on investing your own money in this game i would do this few things to start:

1. Set up your line up and update it everyday before game for maximum score value.

2. Set your tickets prices to maximum as long your NMA estimated Next Match Attendance is over 1000 visitors and lower them if its below 1000.

3. Set up training this is pretty much 1 time thing and dont need to be updated everyday.

4. Set up your match bonus to maximum about 100 in your local currency. This can give you edge over oppoment in your next game.


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