Grab The Games: Frostpunk

Another day, another review for our fans. Today, I couldn't be happier not only that we have the opportunity to review this also title and see if it will pass the test of time, but also that we are going to present why this title is as fresh as it sounds! But what is this game? Is it worth the hype? Well, stick around and read our review before anything else. Let's start by mentioning a few things about the game itself.

Frostpunk, the newest title from the creators of This War of Mine, is a society survival game where heat means life, and every decision comes at a price. In an entirely frozen world, people develop steam-powered technology to oppose the overwhelming cold. You face the task of building the last city on Earth and securing the means necessary for your community to survive. Optimization and resource management often clash with empathy and thoughtful decision-making. While city and society management will consume most of the ruler's time, at some point, exploration of the outside world is necessary to understand its history and present state. What decisions will you make to ensure the survival of your society? What will you do when pushed to the limit? And who will you become in the process?  

To begin with, the very first aspect that impressed me is the graphics and, in general, the fantastic artwork. They are sharp and create a tremendous atmosphere for even the most demanding players. The world is also really excellent, full of details, and in general, it manages to create a real survival feeling. Frostpunk managed to excite me with the first boot. The clean UI and menu, the many choices, and the attention to every little detail the game has to offer are amazing. Every decision you make counts, and how you will lead your people is honestly about you. 

There are also a lot of different scenarios like the newly released The Last Autumn, a scenario designed mostly for the advances players but adds excellent replay value and depth to the game. Another aspect I loved about this title is how the citizens react to every choice you make and how you can either swift things for the better with the cost of their happiness or keep them always happy but eventually lose everything.   As far as the negative aspect are concerned, one of the few things I have to mention is that, at the end of the day, the complexity of the title, the many aspects, and challenges that you have to face, create a lot of stress and stop you from having a relax and soothing experience.

To sum it all up, Frostpunk, despite the negative aspects, manages to offer a complete and enjoyable experience for even the most demanding players. Every choice has its impact, and it's up to you how you will survive. I recommend the game to everyone, and it's a huge step forward for 11 Bit Studios.   

Dionysis Spinos


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