Grab The Games: Fist Puncher

Brawlers were once a popular genre of gaming in the arcades or consoles. With the likes of Streets of Rage the genre was very popular, but nowadays barely any brawlers have come out in recent years, well fairly and decently made one anyways. Fist Puncher is an awesome side scrolling brawler that uses the 8-Bit art style, yet it still looks marvelous.

Currently you can play the game as Six different characters, each one with a different special ability.

Doctor Karate

The Bee Keeper

Steroid Jackson

Hella Fistgerald

Golden Falcon

Al Hazardous

The story of Fist Puncher is the usual brawler game story, it's the Save the Damsel in Distress scenario, but with multiple Damsels. Thankfully the story is not the focus here as it parodies it self. The music of Fist Puncher is another thing though. The music included in the game is great 8-bitstyle music.

The game features Rage Mode which is when your characters becomes more powerful.

The gameplay is of course fairly simple and using a controller is always recommended, but thankfully the keyboard controls work, that you can still play without a controller. The main objective to beat up everyone on the screen until you can move to the next screen. There are enough different additions such as having your different characters being able to level up individually. The level up system has a generic way of leveling up with 5 different categories you can level up Strength, Speed, Defense, Special and Honor. Though it's fairly simple it's still a fun thing to do and see your favorite characters level up.

Fist Puncher is an obviously fun game just from the looks of it, but it even the gameplay is fun. The game might not look all that new or have the best graphics but it certainly is worth it.

Score: 7.5/10

Review by Mohammad Aufiandrisya


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