Grab The Games: Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus

A kickback to the 90s with references, endless bad guys and pretty good soundtrack to boot, a little short though.

So Dungeons: Eye of Draconus would have been an excellent Sega Genesis/Arcade game in the mid to late 90s. It really is trying to emulate the style which was set in those days.

The arcade brawler hack n slasher style really does work here and the designs on the backgrounds and enemies work really well with a nostalgia trip.

Looking at story there really isn't a whole lot of exposition. The standard fantasy opening talking about a prophecy and this Eye of Draconus does feel a little worn, but I'm sure 90s me would have found it incredibly exciting.

The game begins by, what else, slaughtering the piles of enemies that come out of the background, off screen and from just about everywhere until the game decides you've killed enough to move on.

The gameplay is pretty standard. You attack, you jump, you pick up loot and you have a lovely special attack unique to each character. Our Warrior has a rage mode, our rogue does a dashing tornado spin, and our mage summons a giant flame breathing chicken. Yeah, you can guess who I played as.

On its own the game is a decent adventure. A little short for what you pay for but it makes up for it with the nostalgia feel of the gameplay.

There's no RPG elements or anything extra really added in here, it's just move right, occasionally left, and slaughter everything in your way.

Surprisingly enough there is actually some character to the game too. All the three heroes have a personality to them. The warrior is a bit dumb, the rogue is a bit of a flirt and the mage is gayer than a window box. Ok, maybe that was a bit harsh, but his very feminine voice did get a little annoying. If they wanted him to be gay there were other ways to do it.

But it serves as comedic relief as he continuously gets into trouble and reacts in over the top ways.

A minor complaint but after a while the character tropes get a bit repetitive, as does the gameplay.

If you're looking for something short to take you back to the easier times in gaming when you slotted your coins into the machine and competed for the high score then this is definitely the game for you.

A funny little adventure which succeeds in bringing out my nostalgic self, but is a little short and repetitive for someone looking to invest time into it.


Nathan Dack


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