Grab The Games: Divine Souls F2P MMO

Time for another review guys! This time I chose to review a F2P game that was added to steam really recently and I found it pretty good in my opinion and really worth checking out!

Divine Souls is a MMO game created by GamePrix and published by Suba Games. Divine Souls is not simply a MMO game, it combines a lot of different game genres and aspects. There are RPG elements, strategy aspects, dungeons and a lot of other things that make Divine Souls a really unique indie MMO game!

Let's start our review by the graphics. The graphics of the game are good in general, the game plays in all PCs without any issue but you shouldn't expect amazing graphics or something like that they are ok and can satisfy pretty much every taste and pc, so I would consider this a more positive than negative aspect of the game! As far as the music is concerned, the game has some really good and satisfying music and background sounds that makes the game more attractive to the players but unfortunately I cannot say the same thing about the voice acting. The voice acting in this game is really mediocre and sometimes annoying.

As far as the game itself is concerned, it features 4 characters/classes Fighter, Slasher, Mage, and Priest. Each character has a really unique set of skills and weapons. Also, I shouldn't forget to mention that weapons have different rarities like every MMO which is another aspect I generally love in MMO games. You will ask me what other things I liked! I liked in this game the fact that the quests are pretty match everywhere so there is no way to get bored in the game. Also, the quests are really generous in rewards too and most of them have some hard bosses to find. Furthermore, the game features a really well designed crafting aspect that will really help you during your journeys on the Divine Souls World! Other aspects that I generally liked in this game is the main city and all the worlds/places design.

I should also mention the fact that the game features guilds, party system and some really detailed with videos tutorials and beginning quests that I found really helpful and fun! Last but not least, I totally recommend this game to everyone, I liked it, the community and the devs are really friendly and they are ALWAYS there to help you in any question or whatever you would like to ask. So why not try it out? It is F2P as well!




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