Grab The Games: Distance

We all love racing games just admit it, you all love the thrill of the speed, the cars, and the adrenaline. Playing with friends online or at home split screen with your brother. One race that is all it took me to love this game created by Refract studios the creator of Netronic Rush.

Distance is an indie racing game with a lot of action and survival elements that make this game really unique and fun to play alone or with your friends. This title offers some really unique features that distinguish it from other games of the same gender and proved to be not only a good successor of Netronic Rush a game we all love but also promises (and delivers) hours and hours of pure fun and speed.

Let's start by mentioning that this game offers a really amazing graphic experience with some AAA environments/worlds, detailed car and intro for the adventure mode/tutorial and not to mention the really unique way your car is destroyed and gets recreated. The really strong element of the game that I am completely positive everyone who tries the game will notice from the first race is the soundtrack. The game features a really amazing music with songs that makes you push the pedal to the metal!

As I was informed by the devs of the game, the soundtrack will be available in the steam store when the game is finished and also there is a small possibility that custom songs from users will be added later. How cool is that? Imagine listening your favorite songs within the game! Hope the devs will be able to pull this off and deliver it in the near future. Another element of the game that really impressed me is that the roads are treacherous and unpredictable with obstacles around every corner. Instead of doing laps on a loop, you'll be trying to survive to the end in the quickest time. So things are not easy and not at all linear and repetitive, you will be surprised on how difficult the game gets sometimes.

Something that everybody I showed/played the game liked is the abilities that the car has! The cars in the game can perform many unique actions like boosting, jumping, flying and rotating around the track. The abilities also allow you not only to drive fast on the track but also upside down and on buildings and walls! You can also fly to discover new shortcuts and paths. Something that you will all see when you start playing the game, it brings the whole gaming experience to a whole new level! Another aspect of the game worth mentioning is that the single player does not simply offer a way to learn the controls of the game but also it helps us unveil a short story about the world's mysterious past. Furthermore, I should add to the positive/strong aspects of the game the fact that the game has EVERYTHING. The game includes single player, multiplayer, local play, achievements, leaderboards, controller support, steam workshop and a level editor. What else you can ask from a game?

On the other hand there some negative aspects of the game I didn't like. To begin with, there is only 1 available car which I think everyone would expect a bigger car variety. Moreover, the game lucks customizations aspects like new decals for cars, upgrades and other stuff like that, that everyone would expect from a racing game. Also, the single player doesn't feature racing with other opponents (bots) which it was something I expects least from a racing game.

Finally, I would recommend the game to everyone who loves racing and good soundtrack despite the negative aspects the whole gaming experience was enjoyable and kept me playing for hours time to race once again



+ Awesome soundtrack

+ AAA Graphics

+ Car abilities

+ Includes LAN gaming, multiplayer, level editor, achievements and workshop

+ Short story that helps you unveil the past on single player

- Only 1 car available

- Luck of car customization

- No bots opponents on single player

Dionysis Spinos


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