Grab The Games: Bridge It +

In a world in need of bridges one engineer will step forward to save us all!

Alright so Bridge It plus, what is there to say about it? In terms of plot there isn't any, there doesn't need to be, because this is a physics based puzzle game.

Bridge It plus is an example of if at first you don't succeed try and try again because the amount of times you'll watch your beautifully crafted bridge crumble into an unrecognizable heap of scrap metal is beyond counting.

In general the game can be quite a fun little puzzle game, the problem comes with replayability though. Once a bridge has been built and the simplest solution has been found there really isn't much point in carrying on or building the bridges again.

Luckily the game comes with plenty of levels to keep you aspiring engineers guessing when it comes to the next place to place the iron beam which could be the difference between a sunny vacation for the family or a trip to the bottom of the river.

One can find substantial amounts of enjoyment though in just watching the simulation run. Even as your bridge collapses under the weight of itself because you didn't put enough support into certain areas, it's still fun to watch.

The thought processes spiral through your mind wondering where you went wrong as you check the stress overlay on the bridge and slow the simulation down to see exactly where the most stress is being put on the beams in order to alleviate pressure. Your mind races as you realize that you're getting low on budget and for just a moment you realize that you're feeling tenser than the last time you play CoD. Ok perhaps that's just me.

Regardless Bridge It plus is a neat little physics based puzzle game which has enough challenge and content to justify the price. Replayability isn't great, but you'll spend so much time trying to get each bridge 100% right that you'll likely not notice.


You can build bridges

You can built more bridges

You can literally build any bridge you want


Low Replayability

If you know everything about bridge building this isn't for you

If you had a tragic bridge accident this probably isn't for you either

Nathan Dack


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