Grab The Games: BioShock Infinite

review by Dionysis Spinos

I am back with another awesome review for all of you. This time I will be reviewing Bioshock Inifinite, a must have and play game for not only the lovers of the Bioshock Series but also for the people that love good first-person shooting and adventure games. But first things first, the game is developed by Irrational Games and published by 2K Games.

The player has the role of a veteran of the US Cavalry and now a hired gun Booker DeWitt who has an opportunity to clear his debt. How he will do it? His mission is to rescue Elizabeth a girl imprisoned in a tower in the mysterious city of Columbia.

But nothing is so simple, Booker and Elizabeth must work together to escape the city and at the same time, survive from all the people that want to kill them. Now let's talk about the graphics and the music of the game. The graphics of the game are really realistic and detailed and use the latest technology available to make the game an eye candy and interesting to play.

As far as the music , the soundtrack and the acting is concerned, they create a really amazing atmosphere in the game that really makes you want to play it more and more. There are also some other aspects of the game that I loved. I loved the fact that you can kill enemies by using the Sky-Lines, this is something really innovative and fun to use. Another new aspect that players will meet on Bioshock Infinite is the “Tear through Time future. Elizabeth can open portals through time and space and bring on the battlefield a lot of useful things like medic bags, ammo, turrets, weapons etc.

Another aspect that you will find improved in the game is the Vigors. There are a lot of different vigors you can use in combat, you can release murder crows, throw explosive fireballs, shoot lighting, charm your opponents and machines and use them against each other. I think also that I should mention the fact that you can kill your enemies with a lot of different ways, deadly weapons? You got them, vigors? You got them too, you want to use all the above? Of course you can, just use your imagination and enjoy the custom combat experience this title has to offer.

Something that I found really interesting too is the small choices the game gives you like draw your weapon or not etc (I will not reveal more things I promise: P).Also it is really interesting how Elizabeth can help you during battle, she can give you ammo, salts, everything you will need to survive. Finally, I think Bioshock Infinite is a masterpiece of our time, I can't find any reason why someone would not like to play this game and personally I totally recommend it to everyone who hasn't played it yet, you wouldn't regret it, trust me.


10/10 (I enjoyed every moment of playing this game, hope you have too)


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