Grab The Games: Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

Another day, another review for our fans. Today, I couldn't be more excited that I have my hands on a brand new game that is not only available right now but it also offers a really fun experience from the start. We are going to present you how this title holds up against other games of the genre and if it is worth picking it up right now. But what is this game? Is it worth the hype? Stick around, and you will find out now. Let's start by mentioning a few things about the game itself.

In New Eden, 1695, communities of settlers are plagued by a dreadful curse. As Banishers, step into their lives, investigate the source of evil, unravel chilling mysteries, explore diverse landscapes, and interact with unforgettable characters whose fate lies in your hands. Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is an all-new title crafted by renowned studio DON’T NOD, known for their acclaimed titles such as Life is Strange and Vampyr. Immerse yourself in an intimate narrative Action-RPG, taking you on an exhilarating journey between life, death, love, and sacrifices.

Play as a couple of Banishers, Red and Antea, experienced spirit hunters entrusted with the daunting task of dispelling a malevolent curse through powerful rituals. Protect the living from the threat of lingering ghosts and specters, and become a beacon of hope in a world consumed by darkness. Experience a heart-wrenching love story between Antea Duarte and Red Mac Raith. When Antea is killed and turned into a spirit, you find yourself facing a choice. Will you uphold your oath and ascend her soul, or will you sacrifice the living in the hope of bringing her back? Your decisions will shape the fate of New Eden’s inhabitants – may they be living or dead, and determine the end of your journey!

To begin with, the very first aspect that impressed me was the way the title introduced itself to the new audience, with a great tutorial and starting mission. The title offers a great satisfying experience and mechanics that are both fun and easy to explore and use to. The narration is also amazing, and the story really manages to keep you on the edge of your seat. Everything is also really well-optimized with attention to detail and choices that matter in the end. As far as the negative aspects are concerned, I couldn’t find anything of great importance. As I mentioned before, everything was well-developed and fun to discover.

To sum up, the game is definitely enjoyable with a lot of aspects worth discovering. The price tag is ideal for what it offers and I can really recommend it to everyone who has played similar titles and to gamers who want a great experience.

Dionysis Spinos


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