Grab The Games: 1971 PROJECT HELIOS

It's time for another review, and this time we have our hands on a brand-new game called 1971 PROJECT HELIOS. But is the game worth picking it up? Maybe you should wait a bit before purchasing it? Stick around, and you will find out everything about what the game has to offer. A little bit about the title first.

1971 Project Helios is a turn-based strategy game that combines modern warfare military tactics and close combat. Firearms and vehicles are scarce, conflicts and hostilities have no end, and the terrible freezing cold annihilates friends and foes in its path. Eight characters have to join forces for a common cause: find a famous scientist kidnapped by a massive stratocracy. Along their way, they will have to avoid raider attacks, investigate military headquarters, and infiltrate into the territory of a dangerous anti-technological religious sect. So far, so good, right? But wait there is more.


First, as far as the graphics are concerned and, in general, the game's artwork. They don't stand out; they are simply ok. The levels have no depth, and the design could have been better with more details. Moreover, the story is good enough, and I loved how you can change and use multiple characters, each one with their skills and abilities. Unfortunately, the title has more problems than I should mention in my review. The objectives most of the time is hidden or blended in the background and is hard to find.  

Also, the notes that are scattered throughout the levels sometimes are hard to find and missable. As far as the combat is concerned, it is repetitive, no reload, and the most important negative for me is that even when you shoot someone from a point-blank range, you don't do full damage. Another negative is that it seems that full cover and partially covers offer the same protection   

To sum up, despite the few positive aspects, the game doesn't deliver its full potential, and honestly, I can't recommend it at this state. It simply needs more work

Dionysis Spinos


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