I haven’t played a good horror game for a long time! Since Outlast actually but everything changed! Everything changed when I tried Solarix, a game created by Pulsetense Games and published by KISS ltd! Solarix is a science-fiction horror game featuring open-ended levels for both combative and stealth-focused playstyles. The devs have managed to combine old-school sci-fi horror with next-gen style and graphics.

Solarix View
Solarix View

The story follows an electrical engineer desperately fighting for his life, after an infection wipes out an interstellar research station. He must contain the disease, battling both the remnants of the crew and his own fracturing mind. The goal of the devs is also to go beyond jump scares and cheap thrills. Solarix is about a world that overpowers you with unease, insecurity, and desperation, forcing you to confront your own role in the horrors to come. Solarix is definitely one of the good representatives of the horror genre games.

Solarix Dark night It features a lot of jump scares, like for example that zombie in the window that really scared the hell out of me in the beginning of the game. Another aspect I loved is the whole atmosphere the game creates. Dark, full of horror aspects but everything has such a unique feeling at the same time. Moreover, another aspect worth mentioning is that I liked the balance between stealth, FPS and horror. Basically it is up to you to choose how you are going to play the game! Are going all stealth? Avoiding your enemies and try to hide in the darkness or just kill everyone? It up to you!

Solarix to dark? Also, a strong positive of the game is definitely the storyline. You try to understand what happened? Who are you and what you have to do to survive! However there are some negative aspects I should mention! Since I reviewed the beta version of the game! There were bugs in the gameplay and the music. Also, sometimes I felt a little bit lost inside the levels, I didn’t know what to do or go! Another thing that it should be improved a little bit is the dialogs. They should introduce better the characters to the player and who they exactly are and their role in the game. But that creates a sense of mystery which is great and you eventually learn more about them as you continue your journey.

Solarix ingame images
Solarix ingame images

To sum up, despite the negative aspects that I am sure they will be improved in the near future since the game is in Beta state now. This game is a lot of fun, scary and delivers an incredible gameplay experience! Totally recommended it by me to all horror and sci-fi game lovers out there!

NOTE: The current state of this game is Beta and it was available for the press to review.The game will be completed with 12 chapters,more content and a bug free experience, available in March

Verdict: 8/10

+ Atmosphere
+ Jump scares
+ Balance between stealth, fps and horror but play your way at the same time
+ Storyline

- Bugs (due to the early beta version I tested that I am sure they will or have already been crashed)
- A lot of characters in the game are left without a proper introduction to the player at first. Who they are etc...but that creates a mystery aspect since we are learning more as we play the game about them

Dionysis Spinos

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