Takara Cards

Takara Cards is a tactical deckbuilder RPG about adventuring through Cosmos and Karma. Pilot medieval ships using Cards and find the Dragons! Each adventure through space offers new challenges and stories in this roguelike!

Feature List

- Play cards in a DEEP tactical turn-based Combat.

- Over 70 cards and 34 unique units (so far).

- Create your character by choosing Cards and Reputation, among other things!

- Your Deck is your Pilot and your Ship: Build it by venturing through the Cosmos and Events.

- Exoteric Karma System that influences your Character and Ship.

- Synergize between dozens of UNIQUE cards to clear the board of enemies in one Turn.

- Hand-painted artwork inspired by 80's anime!

- Lore and strategies accessible within the game in the Codex!

About This Game

The means of productions of fuels and beverages of the Federation was robbed!
Without it, the economy of this galaxy is going down the drain!
Calling all cadets -Dwarves, Humans, Orks and Elves- to a search and rescue operation!

Build your deck while exploring the Cosmos, choose from a handful of Maneuver and Equipment cards!

Develop your combat skills, make a chain of combos!
Plan ahead
and make your turns never end. Get into a frenzy that recharges your batteries when you defeat a wave of enemies.
You might even resort to using your whole ship as a weapon!

The deck building aspect starts at character creation: Each new run allows countless strategy possibilities!
Choosing what’s your starting reputation can be as important as your choice of cards.

What’s your Reputation?

- Are you a fast learner, a Proud Genius?

- Business comes easy for you, maybe a Born Seller?

- Are you a gifted pilot, something like a Naive Prodigy?

- Keep in mind Reputations aren’t permanent and passive of change through events in your journey.

Your response to events influences your reputation and deck: Karma will be generated during your interactions.
Say you respond in a blessed way… you’ll get blessed Karma and reputation!
You rather be a badass? Guts Karma is out there somewhere in the Cosmos!

Buy authorized equipment from the Guild or not-so-official ones from the Pirates.
Smuggled equip cards travels around the galaxy and you could end up as a mule...
You might be able to steal cards if your reputation of Thief turns up, but be aware:
Your chances of being caught are defined by your Karma!

Destroy enemies and recover resources that can be exchanged for various supplies - or use it as ammunition!

One playable Race/Ship: the Dwarven Hammer.

70+ cards in total.

34+ Unique units, 10+ Enemies.

One dragon Boss.

42+ Reputations (traits) that mark your Character's journey.

32+ Events, some Store types and Factions.

Art and writing inspired by Animes of the 80's-90's.

- More Races/Ships, each with their quirks.

- More cards of all types.

- More Enemies, Units and Bosses.

- More work on Events and Traits.

- Improvements to the UI and game in general.

- Even more 80's/90's anime attitude!

System Requirements


OS: Win 7+ 64bits

Processor: i3 2.5ghz or AMD Equivalent

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: Intel UHD graphics 620+ (1gb vram)



Storage: 1 GB available space


OS: Win 7+ 64bits

Processor: i5 3ghz or AMD Equivalent

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: Any modern Nvidia oy AMD GPU (2gb+ vram)



Storage: 1 GB available space