Eisenhorn: Xenos

Eisenhorn: Xenos

Today I am really happy to present you another big title I was really excited to review. Eisenhorn: Xenos. But let me first tell you a few things about the game to see if it really interests you. Eisenhorn: XENOS' is a premium 3D action and adventure game based on ‘Xenos', the first book in Games Workshop's best-selling ‘Eisenhorn' trilogy, written by award winning author Dan Abnett.

Eisenhorn: Xenos
Eisenhorn: Xenos

Set in the grim, dark future of Warhammer 40,000 ‘Eisenhorn: XENOS' tells the story of Gregor Eisenhorn, an Inquisitor and member of the ‘Ordo Xenos', sent out to fight and protect the Imperium of man from anything that may threaten it. Presented in full 3D, ‘Eisenhorn: XENOS' players will get to play as Eisenhorn himself (voiced by Mark Strong), and explore various areas of the Warhammer 40k universe with a party of characters in tow. The very first thing I loved in the game are the beautiful graphics.

Eisenhorn: Xenos They are sharp, beautiful, there are small details everywhere and the levels are really well-designed. Moreover, another positive aspect of the game is the fact that it has a long single player campaign of around 9-11 hours of gameplay. Moreover, I love the blend of technology, supernatural and physic powers in the game. It is something you rarely see in video games in such a great level. The combat in this title is amazing as well. I love the fact that you can stop for a moment and plan your next moves accordingly and there is a good balance between melee and range attack.

Eisenhorn: Xenos The loot system is amazing as well with 100+ weapons and accessories to choose from. I should also not forget to mention that there is also an arena mode and this version will include all future DLCs for free. As far as the negative aspects are concerned, the first is the design of the menu which really reminds me of an ipad game and not a pc one. Moreover, in lower PC settings the environments are a little bit dark and foggy something that may bother some players.

To sum up, the game is really amazing and fun despite the negative aspects. I would suggest giving it a go because it delivers what It promises!

Verdict: 8/10

+loot system
+arena mode and future DLCs free

-menu design
-too dark

Dionysis Spinos