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Congratulations to 25 winners of Guns and Robots Starter Pack Steam Keys

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15 Random Gamers who enter this giveaway:

Alessandro Querci
Andres Valverde
Luiz Henrique Bollis
Samer A. Abuajaja
Yao Xiang
Chris Haugen
Kevin Glachant
Jeferson Wesley
André Vieira
Andres Avendaño
Teo Wu
Rotsen Guerrero
Eustathios Oxtaplouts
Thony Rodriguez Pallas
Anderson Dias

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Saad Uddin
Cmiljanic Milos
Stas Milkov
Laurentiu Costinas
Ronald Smith

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Ilya Zgera (57)
Jorge Serna (39)
Lukas Ariel Leiva (7)
Sergey Morozov (6)
Ricardo Saúde (6)