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Asian Admiral Pack includes:

• Famous ship of tier 5 of Asian region – Japan Junk along with a free ship slot on shipyard.
• Admiral account for 30 days
• 6300 Gold coins

Japan Junk is a unique Japanese ship of 15th century, a three-masted ship with big rectangular sails allowing it to develop high speed and durable hull that can withstand a lot of damage. Efficient arrangement of 12 cannons on each board allows a dense sheet of fire. You can apply any type of special armament and hire 2 different specialists.

All famous ships allow you to earn 25% more Fame and Piastres for each battle.

Admiral account is purchasable for Gold. It allows you to get 50% more Fame, Expertise points and Piastres for each battle. Bonuses of having Admiral account and famous ship multiply, i.e. you will be able to earn 87,5 % more Piastres and Fame point for each battle!

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