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Storm United is a socially driven class based massively multiplayer First Person Shooter on top of an omnipresent clan foundation. Start your journey by choosing a recruiting clan, no players are left behind.

The clan's personal headquarter will serve you as a central communication hub where you can chat and get the latest news on the clan's objectives and victories. Additionally, the clanbase is an area where you build useful infrastructures in a similar way strategy games works.

Get ready to wage war with other clans for resources on a globally shared intergalactic map. Build and break alliances, research or spy for technologies and produce new weapons and gear.

In addition to the ongoing galactic war, organised tournaments and events give you one more opportunity to prove your ultimate supremacy.

Our goal is to build a new experience, a socially driven and competitive game with many different game modes and items to play with. We are listening to everyone's ideas and recommendations and want to grow Storm United to become the First Person Shooter you've always wanted.

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