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Dream of Mirror Online is a beautiful anime themed social MMORPG based off of Chinese mythology! Come home to a world like no other as players have hundreds of things to do in-game! DOMO has plenty of features that created a dedicated fan base and made it one of the most memorable MMORPG experiences ever!

- Four unique races all with access to the 14 different classes.
- Sub system for combat allowing a mix and match of the 14 different classes and their individual skill systems.
- A flight system to traverse the world quickly with a scenic view.
- Marriage system for you and your special someone to share a bond and aid one another.
- Pet system which enables you to care for and raise a small pet to a powerful ally.
- Character customization is vast with all the costume options available.
- A vast crafting system which uses materials gathered from many disciplines to form useful items.

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